Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Something Blue"

I just finished reading a book by Emily Giffin called, "Something Blue". I started reading it on Monday and couldn't put it down. I just read the very last paragraph which inspired this particular entry. It reads, "Love and Friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them." The story is about 2 best friends, who, during a crazy sequence of events end up betraying each other. In the end, they forgive one another and realize the power of true friendship.

As I think back to my early days, I am reminded of my best friends: Sarah Buchanan and Andree Sprik. Then, as I got a bit older and in high school, it was Stacey McMillan and Kena Patterson. I still keep in touch with Stacey and Kena on occasion, but when I think of my all time best friend - the one I couldn't live without, I think of my friend Andrea Usry (now Taylor). Although we haven't seen each other in years and our lives are so different now, some of the best memories I have are with her. And although we don't talk as often as we should, there is something that exists between us and until today, I've never really understood what it is that kept us together all these years. It's true friendship: trust, respect, being happy for one anothers successes, being there to listen to one anothers hardships, it's understanding, and a bond that neither time nor distance can take a away.

So Andrea - I promise to do better at staying in touch with you. I admire you so much as a person, as a mother to three beautiful children, and as a friend. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the opportuntiy to be there for you.


LoriLoo310 said...

Hey Karen! We miss you guys! I've added your blog to my blog roll. We were in Tulsa over New Years. You coming to Utah any time soon?

Lorena Barahona said...

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