Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dumpster Diving

So I was leaving my apt complex this morning and noticed this sitting by the dumpster:

You better believe I snagged it and washed it down with Clorox.
It's as good as new.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I made it to the school spelling bee in third grade and lost with the word "again". Who knew it wasn't spelled "agaian"? Why not just agen?

Sometimes I wonder why words are spelled the way they are. Like Wednesday, for example. I avoid the word all together because I am never quite sure how to spell it. I just abbreviate with Wed. Why can't it just be spelled the way it sounds... Wensday. No one actually pronounces the d, do they? And exercise... why isn't it just spelled exersize, for crying out loud.

Luckily blogger has spell check and underlines my misspelled words for me, but when I write on my calendar or in my journal... no spell checker there.

What are some other words... okay, the whole "I before E except after C" rule - not always true and Y is sometimes a vowel. What? I get that spelling is important most of the time. Like the time when a friend shared a little kids paper with me about a horse, only he forgot the s. It changed the whole story.

I know - beautiful. How about buteifull? or Wy spelled Why - since when were silent H's important? Dessert and Desert. They say you want more dessert, so it has an extra s. But sometimes I want more desert. Then what? And what about effect and affect. What's the difference anyway?

Okay, I need to stop. I've worked myself up in to a grammar frenzy and for what? Nuthin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Sara,

You are now almost 4 months old. Time has gone by so quickly, yet it seems like we've had you forever. You weigh 14lbs and are 25 inches. You seem to get bigger every day. I love to see you smile all the time and even laugh a little now and then. Most people think you look like me now and compared to my baby pictures - you do.

You love to bounce on my knee and ride in your stroller. You fall alseep in the carseat every time and sometimes I drive around the block just to give you a few extra minutes of sleep. You sleep best when I hold you, but I'm trying not to do that so much anymore. I think you'll get used to sleeping on your own more and more.

You don't really cry very much anymore, but you do shout, "Ahhh" when you want my attention. I try to give you a little tummy time every day and you are holding your head up so well. You are learning to sit up and love to stand. So far you only get milk to eat, but I'm excited to introduce you to all the best foods in life.

Your dad and I love you and look forward to each and every day. You have changed so much in just the last couple of weeks and it is wonderful to be a part of your life. I hope you always remember how much we love you.