Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trip to Utah, Sara Turns 4 and Halloween

So this is my lame attempt at cramming 3 blog posts in to one.  But it has been a crazy month. I feel like as soon as October hits we are non-stop until after the first of the year.  Maybe it's because of all the holidays, but I feel like it has more to do with the fact that it isn't a bazillion degrees outside, so when we're not sleeping or running errands - we are OUTSIDE!  This is my favorite time of year in AZ, which is why we've decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  I am so excited to be able to really enjoy this whole fall/winter thing.  Anyone that wants to come visit is welcome.

Early in October, Sara and I took a trip out to visit my parents in Utah for a couple of weeks.  Cam joined us for a few days and we had a blast.  Here are a few pictures of the trip:

 This is Sara and her cousins, Alison and Eve playing dress-up.  They are such beautiful princesses.
 Sara and her cousin, Eve, had a great time together all weekend keeping themselves busy during General Conference.  It was so fun to spend the weekend with Aaron, Annika and the 3 girls!
 One of Sara's favorite things in the whole world is the carousel and she was so excited she could ride it all by herself.  Why she chose the rooster?  I have no idea.  Cock-a-doodle-doo!
While my parents were at a wedding in downtown SLC, I took Sara to the Church History Center.  They had a really fun play area for kids.  Sara loved playing in Nephi's boat!

We celebrated Sara's 4th birthday just a few weeks after we got home from Utah.  She was so excited to turn 4 and was talking about it for months.  She shares the same birthday as one of her best friends, Chloe.  We did a low-key family thing and then a little get together at Peter Piper Pizza for her and her friends.  Can't believe my little girl is already 4!  She is such a joy and a treasure heart.  I love being her Momma.

 I made Sara an Alphabet Photobook for her birthday and she loved it.  She couldn't believe her picture was on the cover of a book!

 She got her own digital camera from Grandma and Grandpa and dance class from Nana and Papa.  She is one happy little girl.

 Sara and her friends Savannah and Nixin riding the teacup at Peter Piper's.  I was getting nauseous trying to keep up with it spinning to take a picture.
 By special request, Sara had purple cake, pink frosting and pearl sprinkles for her treats. 

Halloween is exactly 1 week after Sara's birthday and she went as a ballerina this year.  She loves her dance class and was very excited to wear her ballerina costume to the ward Trunk or Treat and trick-or-treating.  Here are a few pictures of her at the Ward Trunk or Treat:

 I absolutely love this picture and can't wait to see it in their wedding video someday. :) This is Sara and her friend, Weston dressed up as Woody.  They are so cute and such cute little friends.
 My little dancing girl

It's crazy to think this little treasure heart of mine has been ours for 4 years.  She is an absolute joy (99% of the time) and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.  We are the greatest of buddies and she goes with my everywhere.  She is fun, creative, silly silly silly, and full of witty remarks and amazing negotiation skills.  I have no idea where she gets it.  ;)  So excited about whatever this year will bring.  Never a dull moment with this busy body around.

and PS: Here is our attempt at getting rid of the nap... Guess that means I have to stop getting clothes out of the dryer for more than 30 seconds.