Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I don't even remember what we have done for Easter since... ever.  So I decided I would document this one...  We had a fun, busy weekend.  Saturday morning was the ward Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast.  Sunday morning, Sara woke up to find her basket with a towel wrap, book on temples, color/sticker book for church, some lotion, fingernail polish and a few pieces of candy.  We always end up with SO much candy at Easter time, that part I do remember.  ;)  So we went super low key on candy from the Easter Bunny this year.  Sunday afternoon we went to have dinner with our friends, the Broadbents.  They were with us in Nebraska for law school and their youngest is just a few days older than Sara.  Plus, they are going to the same Montessori school this fall and I'm so excited! 

Here are a few pics we've taken over the last few days...

Cameron's parents sent Sara a little Easter package and she was so excited!!  Each holiday, my Mom sends a craft for Sara and I to do together.  This year was an Easter garland hanging on our front door.  Sara loves crafts and could do them all day/every day.  It's one of our favorite things to do together. 
This was Sara's loot after the ward Easter Egg Hunt.  She had a blast and it was a beautiful day.  Cameron was hiding some eggs in his shirt for himself... sneaky!
We took a picture after church to show Sara in her beautiful Easter dress that is her new favorite colors - dark pink and light purple.  She looked so pretty and grown up.  I can't believe she's 4 1/2.

We went with our friends, the Broadbents, to see some horses and donkeys in true Oklahoma fashion around the corner from where they live.  Sara was a little nervous at first, but you can see she got more comfortable.  They were beautiful horses!


We had a great Easter weekend and fun with good friends.  It's already getting really hot down here, so we are looking forward to getting away for a few little trips this summer.  Only a few more weeks of school and on to summer break!