Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good News, Bad News

So I know I promised some exciting news today, but you'll just have to wait. It turns out the girl at my Doctor's office wrote down the wrong day on my appointment reminder card - so my ultrasound was actually supposed to be Tuesday. Since I was planning it for today, I missed it. But - I was able to reschedule for Monday, so only a few more days of mystery.

Any magical remedies for heartburn besides drinking mylanta by the glass and snacking on tums all day?


jckhadlocks said...

Heres a tip.. have your baby and it will go away! :)

Kristen said...

hmmm. no advice from your midwife? I wish I had some but I have not had much of heartburn during pregnancy except while lying down.

I was excited to find out the gender. have fun on Tuesday. The ultrasound-ist is really one of a kind, so friendly and just willing to tell about everything she is seeing and what it means.

Rammells said...

I found that a strong mint flavored gum helped me. I can't handle the chalkyness of the tums or rolaids, but the mint seemed to do the trick.