Monday, July 21, 2008

A little more about me...

I was looking through an old box of stuff in my nightstand and came across 2 very interesting pieces of paper. I don't remember when I wrote them, but I thought it would be fun to share some of what I wrote.

The first one is titled: Someday I want to...

Be a mom
Read "Jesus the Christ"
Cruise the Caribbean
Volunteer at a hospital
Go to EFY
Go to a day spa
Climb "R" mountain
Take an art class
Paint a wall in my house red
Shop in New York City
Work at the temple
Put my journal in to a book
Play a hymn on the piano (both hands)
Play with my kids at the park
Go parasailing
Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
Graduate from college
Change someones life
Start my own business
Understand why I went on a mission
Teach a class
Sing to my husband
See a temple dedicated in my mission

The other list is titled: "Things I like to do..." (I guess maybe I thought I'd forget or something)

Go fishing
Collect leaves in the fall
Make snowballs, but not get hit by them
Write in my journal
Eat candy (of course)
Talk to my family
Cooking for others
Sing (although I don't do it well)
Watch old movies
Give gifts
Look at furniture
Skeet shoot
Play ping pong
Look at pictures
Talk on the phone
Watch reality TV
Color in a coloring book T

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