Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a bloggers world!

What did I do before there were blogs? Seriously, I remember spending hours browsing on the Internet when I worked for D.E, N.T, and W.F, (the abbreviations are just in case they decide to track me down and charge me for misuse of company property and wasting time). I couldn't have possibly be spending thousands of minutes each day shopping online. Right? I mean, what did I do before there were blogs?

I don't have the Internet freedom at my current job as I've had before, so I can only occasionally hop online for recreational purposes and there just aren't enough minutes in the day to read the ever so witty and creative blogs out there.

I can't believe how many amazing, smart, talented people there are that make money actually writing a blog and I am the sucker that reads it! I just love the witty banter on blogs like and Can there just be a little more time in the day for me to waste away surfing the net? I guess it's my own fault. Unless I want to sacrifice my sacred hours of sleep or the time I spend watching really important TV, like Project Runway, ANTM, Real World/Road Rules Challenges (What happened to you Johanna?), the Rachel Zoe Project, Law and Order (all 3 of them), Modern Family (a new and hilarious sitcom), the Office, Survivor: Samoa, Supernanny, everything on HGTV, and whatever else may be on...

Maybe it would be easier to get my employer to loosen up their 'no wasting time on the Internet' policy.


Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

ha-you and i are soooooo alike!!!! it really makes me laugh. We are so dang awesome now aren't we?! have a good day at work and i'll call you next week when i'm feeling PERFECT! :)

p.s. christmas here we come-yeah!!!

Tim + Katie said...

I know how you feel. Some days I try to not even get on the computer because I know that I will stay there for hours wasting time checking out blogs and website. I hope all is going well. If you guys are planning to be in Utah for Christmas, let us know. We will have to meet up.

proudmamablogga said...

You are funny. and I LOVE dooce. She makes me laugh but also makes me feel like I'm not the only crazy one out there.