Thursday, November 4, 2010

October 2010

Hope everyone had a great October. Ours was full of fun. Hard to believe it's almost Thanksgiving. This year has flown by. Here are some highlights from October:

Even though we left Nebraska, we still managed to find some corn stalks. We took Sara to the Pumpkin Patch and she had a great time!

I don't get Sara to sit still and take a picture with me very often, so here is one I actually got with her looking at the camera!

My cousin just moved to a town a few hours North of Mesa. Sara and I went to visit for a weekend. She had a blast playing with her triplet cousins!

My sister, Darin, had baby #3. Finally a boy in the family. Sara and I went to Tulsa to visit them for a few days. The girls had so much fun playing and being silly together.

Sara was very curious about her baby cousin, Will

Happy Halloween! Sara was a Chilean Princess. Thanks, Nana for sending the beautiful dress from Chile. She looked so beautiful and grown up. And of course she LOVED the trunk-or-treat and all the candy.


Dave and Rachel said...

Happy halloween! We didnt make it to the pumpkin patch this year..kinda bummed:(

Luisa said...

You and your family are fa-reakin' adorable!! Wish I could see you again sometime soon... : (

Bub said...

Cute dress, Penny. Hugs from uncle bub.