Sunday, September 16, 2012


We spent last week in Southern Cal and had a great time.  Of course the trip all started with a little mishap in the resort pars lking lot.  Our car was nicely parked outside while we waited inside for our room assignment.  Cameron ran out to get a drink in the car and was gone for several minutes.  He came back in saying someone hit our car.  I was totally confused, but he went on to tell me there was a witness to the collision who told him what happened. 

Apparently, an older gentleman underestimated the space he needed to park his car next to ours and hit the front driver side door.  He then backed out to try again and... hit.  Once more he made the attempt and was able to safely secure his car about 2 inches from ours making it impossible for anyone to get in or out.  In addition, their side mirror was directly behind ours, so there was no way we could move our car.  He then decided it was time for him to get settled in his room and left the car unattended.  The witness went inside and told the manager.  She went outside around the same time Cameron had gone out and they tried to assess the situation and figure out what to do.  They called the police and considered it a 'hit and run'. 

Well the guy who hit us came back to his car to unload his luggage and as Cameron asked him about the situation he denied any contact between the 2 vehicles, although there was clearly damage.  The older gentleman then proceeded to ask Cameron if he wanted to fight while his wife tried to calm him down.  The police arrived at the scene, we exchanged information and it was made clear this gentleman was no longer safe behind the wheel.  The police officer kindly told his wife they were lucky it was just an empty car in the parking lot and not someone else.  I feel bad for the gentleman, who was clearly not in his right mind to know that A) he did in fact hit our car, B) he was threatening to fight my husband to fight, and C) when the officer asked him to move his car, he stood directly behind it gazing at the sky.  Let's just say the roads in California were safer after that day.

For the next week, we enjoyed time at the beach, seeing our great friends from law school, shopping, Legoland, and my first try at skim-boarding.  We went on a whale watching tour and saw hundreds of dolphins and several blue whales.  It was really cool!  I spent part of the ride laying in the back of the boat with major sea sickness, but it was a fun experience and neat to see the animals up close.  All in all, we had a great time and loved our condo in San Clemente.  It was the perfect location for a little getaway.  Here are a few pictures from our trip:

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