Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We're Cruising

Thanks everyone for the great pregnancy advice. Popsicles and jolly ranchers seem to be helping, as well as Sonic Happy Hour slushes. I discovered the new Lemon Berry flavor this week and it's amazing!

I am leaving on Friday for a fun filled vacation and couldn't be more excited. What is it about vacations that are so exhilarating? My dad would say it's the anticipation leading up to the actual trip. In fact, he usually has a trip countdown on his desk top to look at every day. I enjoy the whole thing. I love being somewhat disconnected from what's going on in the world, no cell phones, no computers, no TV. And even though those things generally fill up the majority of time throughout my day - the cruise ship is filled with fun like all the food you could ever imagine, swimming pools, ping pong (a personal favorite), tennis courts, game rooms and a library. Yes - I do make the occasional trip to the library and browse the collection of books on a cruise ship.

We will be enjoying this vacation with some great friends who we don't get to see very often. I imagine C and his friend, J - sitting in the shade protecting their precious skin from the damaging rays of the sun discussing things like financial investments, C's plans after Law School, and whatever else the future may hold. All the while J's wife, K and I will be lounging by the pool, drinking lemonade and discussing the more interesting facets of life such as... babies, waxing, shopping, and reality TV. After all - isn't that what vacations are all about?

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jckhadlocks said...

I can hardly wait!!!.. :) I totally see your vision of us on the boat.. You must be psychic. See you Saturday!