Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pregnancy News

Okay, so yes... I'm pregnant. We heard the baby's heartbeat a few weeks ago and that was really cool. It sort of made everything seem a bit more real; Well that and the morning sickness. More like all day and all night sickness. I know there are many of you more experienced mothers out there, so what are some of your tricks of the trade? I think I woke up 3 times last night to eat something because I just felt so sick. I do find that it helps if I drink some sort of slush or smoothie. I have a hard time with meat and vegetables, but Taco Bell seems to work well. Any ideas out there?

Also, we don't know if it' s a boy or girl yet and we won't find out for several more weeks. C is convinced it's a boy, so I like to refer to it as a girl just to make things exciting and a little controversial. What is your prediction? If it's a girl, she will be the 5th neice on my side of the family and no nephews. This will be the first baby on C's side of the family.

We are very excited about this new adventure and looking forward to the arrival of our little Husker in November.


Erin said...

What has helped me is to keep some cinnamon gum or "preggie pop drops" in my mouth whenever I'm up walking around. Everyone is different though...hopefully the sickness won't last your WHOLE pregnancy like mine has. Eating was truly the only thing that made me feel better though...unfortunately the scale confirms that. Oh's all for a good cause! Good Luck Lou! :)

Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

It's a GIRL!!! Atleast, that is what i've decided and think it's going to be. Too bad about feeling sick all the time-maybe taco bell is what's causing it :) By the way, how is the job hunt going?

Andrea and Justin said...

Girls are for sure the cutest to dress up, but I kind of hope you have a boy to change it up on your side of the family. I never figured out how to not feel sick with Savanna, it just went away after the first trimester. I hope it is gone soon for you!

GrahamandLauri said...

So exciting! I was sick everyday when I was pregnant! UH! I found some frozen fruit popsicles that really helped me feel better! I was still sick all the time, but they helped! :)

I can't wait to hear what you are having! :) Keep us posted!


Sum & Ben said...

Crown Burger chocolate shakes did the trick for me when I was prego with my first!! That and fries! -Summer-