Sunday, August 3, 2008

My idea of reading

My friend and fellow blogger, PMB, recently made a post on her blog about TV and reading. I actually typed out a comment to her post and then when I went to sign in - lost it. So, I decided to post a comment by creating my own post about the subject. (thanks for the idea PMB)

Since I have only been working about 6 hours a week, I have a lot of free time. I try to fill my days with time at the pool, trips to JoAnn Fabrics for yet another sewing project, doing stuff around the house to get ready for the little one, driving to Sonic for 'Happy Hour' and chatting on the phone. But even with all that, I still spend a significant amount of time reading or watching TV. I am very easily entertained by television and even if there isn't something I am specifically looking to watch, I can almost always find something interesting on TLC, MTV, Bravo, or E!.

When I am not watching TV or doing any number of other activities, I am reading. I would categorize the genre of books I usually read as 'chick lit'. Basically, I find that the books I read are very similar to the type of shows I watch on TV. I like stories that move quickly without a lot of descriptive details. I recently admitted to C that when reading a book, I skim through most of it only really reading the dialogue. This way, I get the story and can move on to the next book fairly quickly. At this rate, I get through sometimes 2 books a week. He jokingly said that is probably why I flunked out of college, because textbooks don't usually have dialogue in them. Although I did not flunk out of college and graduated with flying colors, I did manage to do it without ever actually reading a textbook.

There must be something positive I am gaining from all the dialogue of 'chick lit' I'm reading because I do find that when I am reading on a regular basis I am able to talk better. Does that make sense? Meaning, I am able to put words, thoughts, and sentences together more clearly. I do enjoy reading and I enjoy being able to communicate effectively even if I am only reading the ever so pressing conversations that happen in 'chick lit'.


Thirdmango said...

Funny thing is, the way you describe your reading style is the exact style that comic books are made into.

Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

you are getting bigger by the day!!! that is so great. hey, my other prego friend is also having a girl-CRAZY!!! all these girls are being born and no boys. any way, you look so cute-keep posting the pics!

GreenApple Publicity said...

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LoriLoo310 said...

Keep up the reading! Have you experienced any pregnancy brain yet? Maybe that's why I feel like the pregnancy brain hasn't left me yet, I just don't have time to read. I need to start again, I miss it. Any suggestions of where I start?

bub said...

Best dialogue writer in modern fiction: Elmore Leonard

Hey, K. You should check out a couple of books one of my profs at OU has published in the last few years. Her name is Debrah Williamson. Here's a link to her books on Amazon:

I think her books would be classified chick lit, and they have Oklahoma connections, dude.