Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss Days Parade

I am currently visiting my sister in Utah. (Yes, I know - it seems I've been traveling all month long. I have.) She just had her second little girl a few weeks ago and I came out to help in any way I can. We've been playing and having tons of fun, of course. This morning, we decided to head to Midway for the annual Swiss Days Festival. My brother, his two girls, sister, her two girls, and myself had a great time. We got there just in time to enjoy the parade festivities. I was of course traveling with some inexperienced parade goers and had to teach them the art of acquiring as much candy as possible. It was a huge success. We left with a bag full of candy.

I did notice something interesting that my husband, brother, and father can appreciate. Utahns are very passionate about their sports alliances and since today was the first official day of college football, the BYU and Utah shirts were out in force. I couldn't resist torturing one very obvious Utah fan dressed head to toe in Ute garb. I shouted, "Go Michigan" as he walked by. Oh my - I got the dirtiest look ever! It was hilarious - I couldn't help but just laugh. I'm sure if I weren't a pregnant woman, he probably would have wanted to beat my face in. Of course my husband wouldn't appreciate my sense of humor in regards to Utah sports seeing as how I am a University of Utah alumni and he is currently in Michigan to see the Utes vs Wolverines in the "Big House".

I am heading home tomorrow and am really looking forward to the next 10 weeks staying home and relaxing. Yes, I am officially 10 weeks away from my due date. I still feel pretty good aside from the usual heartburn and restless leg at bed time. I'm sure the days of discomfort are sure to come my way. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. I know this has been one of the best summers I can ever remember and it couldn't have come at a better time.


gregg + camille said...

I was at our wards "Carmel Apple" booth...I wish I would have known you would be in town...and yes, I had on my BYU shirt.

Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

GALLY--you and Cameron sure know how to live the high life by travelling non stop!! Sheesh-that's great, but I'm jealous. Any how, you are soooooo prego and lookin' good. Do call me this week-I'm awaiting your phone call :)