Saturday, April 11, 2009

To my sweet lady K,

I am writing this letter with a sense of obligation, but in no way does that lessen the sincerity of the things I will say. K, my Rooder, I am continually impressed with your skills and abilities which you have developed after your 'retirement'. You have handled the many roles that you have undertaken for the benefit of our family with grace and have excelled at each of them. Your willingness to give up your career path in an indication of your character, as well as your devotion to our child and God's commandments and admonitions of the living prophets.

I love you and I am grateful that I get to watch you share your gifts as you selflessly serve others by using your talents on a daily basis. However, those individuals you serve and befriend are only privy to a glimpse into the depths of who you are and what I love. I look forward to watch you venture in to motherhood, knowing that all of your previous experience has prepared you and in this, the greatest calling of your life, you will only again excel.

Aside from all you do, I love you for who you are and for being a true friend and companion. If I don't let you know these things often enough or fail to in the future, know that they remain true and don't be afraid to offer a gentle reminder.

K, you are the best! I am glad that you are mine and that you chose me. I am reminded why all the time, you will be the greatest mom. I love you, Lady.


(This is a letter I found today while cleaning out my nightstand. C wrote it to me while I was pregnant with Sara. It is a good reminder to me of all I have to be grateful for. Oh, and just an FYI... C calls me Rooder)


Angie said...

How cute. This is such a sweet letter! You two are the cutest couple.

Mike and Ariane said...

How sweet!