Sunday, July 12, 2009


I feel so boring. I've been browsing around other people's blogs for a while this morning and you all are so fun and adventurous. I feel like we are just fuddy duddies sitting on our bums here in AZ. Granted, we have a few good excuses like C studying for the bar and me working full-time. But honestly, we need to get out and be more fun. We do fun things on occasion, maybe we just need to be better at documenting it. We will try to do better. I promise - we really can be fun, sometimes.

I am officially working full-time at the University of Phoenix and so far it's going great. I actually enjoy being back to work, but I sure do miss my time with little Sara. She gets so excited when I come in the door. She flails her arms and gets a huge grin on her face. I just love it! I hope she always reacts that way when she sees her momma. I am super excited to be starting my Masters in a few weeks. I've always wanted to go back to school and I'm finally doing it.

Arizona is getting hotter and hotter, but we just stay inside or go to the pool. C has been doing a great job of studying and the bar is finally in 2 weeks. I can't wait until it's over and done with. Then maybe we can have a little more fun around here!


Angie said...

Good luck with everything. What are you going to get your masters in? I can't remember what your undergrad is. That's cute that Sara gets so excited when you come in the door. She is so adorable.

Micah and Emily said...

Studying for the Bar and starting a Master's program is pretty exciting stuff! Congrats on beginning your program! What is your area study?

Best of luck!


Stephanie said...

What did you get your bachelor's in? Did you graduate here in Utah? Wow, a masters degree, eh? In what field? You're a brave lady! My hats off to you! You go girl!