Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Girl is 9 Months

This weekend is going to be so exciting! Sara will finally be getting to meet my parents. They are currently serving as missionaries in the Chile, Osorno Mission and have been there for a year. Sara was born after they left and we thought we wouldn't get to see them for 3 years unless we made the trip down to Chile (which we are planning to do later this year). But my dad had to have surgery on Monday and apparently the doctors recommended having the surgery in the US. The operation went well and he is in recovery mode.

So Saturday morning we are flying to Utah to see them. My whole family will be together and I can't wait. My brother, his wife, and their 2 almost 3 daughters will be there along with my sister, her husband, and their 2 little girls. Sara will get to play with all of her cousins and I just know she's going to love it. She loves to play with other kids and can just sit and watch them forever. She is so inquisitive and curious, always looking around and wants to be part of all the action. She has started talking to us in the car. She'll say, 'Ah' and we say 'ah' back. It will go back and forth for quite some time. I think she is going to be saying "momma" in no time.


Corbo and Trav Hanson said...

i completely forgot about your trip to UT!!! you're there right now and i hope all is well. how fun that you get to have Sara meet the g-parents!! p.s. you are not fuddy duddies! you just got back from hawaii and san diego you goon.

Angie said...

How exciting! That's so fun that is going to be able to meet your parents finally. I had no idea that your family had grown so big! When did that happen? Wow! I'm sure you won't have any extra time while you're here, but get in touch with me if you do cuz I would love to see you! Have tons of fun with your family!!!!!

Kathy Nielsen said...

Hello Karen,

I have a Son serving in Osorno Chile. His name is Elder Blake Shumway. He has been serving for a year. I heard about the blog a few months after my son arrived in Chile, it has been such a wonderful blessing in my life to have a son serving and to be able to read about his mission is the best. Then one day I saw the family blog...your blog, I loved it, and I have wanted to make a comment but I didn't. I'm sorry! I couldn't wait any longer. When we heard that President and Sister Lovell were going to Utah so President could have surgery,our thoughts of course were for him to have a successful surgery and that he would recover quickly so they could return to Chile. I know the missionaries love them dearly. They are so amazing, I know your Father, President Lovell has been the most amazing mission president, he has given them the desire to continue to become the best missionaries they can be and for this I am so grateful. But to be honest...I was truly so happy that they would get the chance to see family. I can only imagine what a sweet reunion you all must have had. Some of the most amazing times in all of our lives have been shared with our families, we struggle together, and we depend on each other. I'm so happy your parents have the chance to be with all of you and especially to meet your sweet little one. Your family is beautiful!

Kathy Nielsen
Mesa, Arizona
Elder Blake Shumway 7/10
Current area; Valdivia, Chile

vine street said...

Have a great time seeing your family!!