Friday, August 21, 2009

First MBA paper

I just got my grade back on my very first MBA paper. This is what the professor said, "Your papers read like you talk – they need to be more academic in nature… that is what is going to be expected in the program. " I think it's a compliment that my papers write the way I talk, but I understand what she is saying. I got a 12.5/14 - not bad. Guess next time I need to write more like someone from academia and less like myself.


Angie said...

that's too funny! Good luck figuring that one out. What haircut did you decide on?

Ken and Susie Lovell said...

Write like your daddy! :)

Micah and Emily said...

You'll be a smash hit in the program. Let me tell doesn't take long to speak or write the academic's simply practice not rocket science!

Best of luck!


Luisa said...

I've received that EXACT same compliment/critiscism. Don't lose yourself just for the grade. Adding yourself to your academical edumacation proves your individualistic intelligents.

HOW'D YOUR HAIR TURN OUT??? What did you decide on?

Can't wait to see!