Friday, March 19, 2010

Our New Bed

C and I recently bought a new mattress and we are LOVING it. Of course, with buying a new mattress came new bedding. We found the bedding set online, but I wanted to make some fun pillows to add a little COLOR. I've always loved the fabrics used in Anthropolgie bedding, but it is so expensive. I found some table napkins at the local store and used them to make my pillows - a must more cost effective way of decorating. I used extra fabric I had left over from another project for the backs of the pillows and another small throw pillow.

"Ta Da"

Here is the finished product:


The Broadbents said...

I love the bedding. Okay when we move back I am going to need you to help me decorate and maybe sow a few pillows. I miss having you here to do projects with. We can't wait to hang out with you guys this summer. We should do a quick CA trip the first of May.

Susan said...

Hey Sis it looks great You make the best stuff out of nothing! great colors and textures We miss you Love ya tons Mom

ashley wright said...

I love the bedding!!! And super cute job on the pillows!!!

ps. I LOVE anthropologie too... too bad it's SOOOO expensive! you did a great job replicating that same style! great job! hope all is well with you guys!