Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Work in Progress

Like most things in my life, I am a "work in progress". I am currently refinishing our dining room table and so far it looks amazing! I can't wait until it's finished and I will post pictures to show you all. Our house is great and I just love it, but it is certainly is also a "work in progress". Not as far as the house itself goes, but what's on the inside. We have furniture we are storing for some friends, the couches we bought before we got married, our new bed, a few dressers I bought on craigslist, this table I am working on we inherited from C's family, Sara's crib that was so generously donated to us by a friend from Oklahoma.... and that's about it. Furniture can be so fun and I love looking at it, but it's very expensive. We haven't been in a position to just go out and buy enough to fill up our house, but every now 'n then I come across something that I just love and put on my "someday I need to buy that" list. So... this is what I found today:I know it looks a little bright, but it would look perfect in our formal living room with the couch that is also on my "someday I need to buy that" list along with our dining room table that is currently a "work in progress".


Elise H. said...

Sister Lovell?

I mean, Karen? Elizabeth? I STILL, even after seven years, have a hard time calling my companions by their first names. Anyway, I thought we agreed that you are going to go by Lizzie? What happened there?

Aaannnyway... Cute blog! And how in the heck did you find me in blog-land? Crazy.

Wow, this comment is long. Your daughter is beautiful. You look great, as always. I better wrap this up now. :)

Scottie and Tasha said...

Love the chair! Tax season is almost over and we can all hang out again! I forgot to text you husbands number- I'm doing it right now!