Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

We decided to stay in Arizona where it's nice and warm for Christmas this year.  We had a really great holiday!  I will say, it definitely felt like we were missing out a bit when I talked to my parents, brother and sister on Christmas.  But we had a great day.  We invited some friends over for dinner and Sara had a blast with all her new gifts.  Here are a few pictures we took of the day:

 My mom made Sara an amazing craft box full of different crafts and art projects.  This girl could cut, glue, glitter, and color all day.  This box is perfect!
 She loves her Cabbage Patch doll Ellie I found online from a local woman for only $15.  It was such a great deal on a 1996 Olympic Kid.  Sara loves her Ellie doll.
 She got a pink Razor scooter from Santa and has been cruising around almost every day.  One of the great things about living in AZ!

 Santa asked her Daddy to fix up the Jeep our neighbors gave us a couple years ago.  She is so excited to drive her and our neighbor friends around.

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!  Sara and our cute neighbor girl, Halle, are the dearest of friends.  They love each other and it is so fun to watch them play and grow together. 
 This was the site before Sara saw it.  A dollhouse given to use by very generous friends (Thanks again!!) and I made Sara a ballet barre out of PVC pipe and spray painted it pink.  She is in love with it!  I had another friend make some vinyl letters that say "To Sara, Love Mom" on one bar and "Dance Your Feet Silly" on another bar.  It turned out great and was a fun project.
All in all we had a great Christmas and I was happy we got to spend the holiday together with the 3 of us.  We hope to continue some of the new traditions and old traditions of our families every year.

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