Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year and Emmy's baptism

We decided after spending the holidays at home, we would venture up North to Utah for the New Year and to celebrate with Sara's oldest cousin, Emmy, as she decided to get baptized.  (more information)  We spent the first few days with Cameron's family playing in the snow and then headed up to Heber to spend a few days with my family.  It was bitter cold, but we had a blast.  It was especially sweet to be there to support Miss Emmy and fun to see everyone.  

 Sara absolutely LOVED playing in the snow.  She loved eating it, throwing it, stomping in it.  When I asked her if she'd rather live in some place warm like Arizona or cold like Utah she said, "by the beach".  So we're still a long ways off, but she is definitely my sunshine girl.

 We all went bowling because it was just so cold outside and we had fun.  Sara loves to bowl and even decided to bowl like a big girl this time without the ramp.  Luckily we didn't drop the ball on any toes!
 We love the Dairy Keen in Heber City, Utah.  It has a fun train table, legos, and delicious ice cream! It's always a stop on our to do list when we visit my parents.
 I went to a BYU basketball game with my Dad.  The Cougars won and it was fun to spend the evening with my Daddy-O.  I remember watching the BYU games at church when I was little because they had a huge satellite in back.  We got to the game extra early just to watch them warm up.  It was a great night and I'm glad I got to go.  Thanks for sharing your  ticket with me, Mom.
 Darin and her kids were there when we visited, so Sara and Carly were inseparable.  They played so well together and just love each other.  They're only 3 months apart and Sara's got about an inch on Carly in height, but Carly's feet are about 2 sizes bigger.  I'm excited to see these girls grow up together and stay the best of friends.
 We had a great family picture taken at Emmy's baptism. It was so nice to be there and my brother did a great job baptizing his little girl.  Emmy is the oldest grand child and first one to be baptized.  It was a really special day.  And Sara even said in the car on the way home after, "Wasn't that just the best day?  I'm glad I got to see Emmy be baptismed."

And here is our final family pictures taken outside (as you can tell, we're all freezing)!  After this, some of the kids, Aaron, and Nana ran out on to the lake.  It was frozen over and covered in snow.

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