Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School

I love back to school! I get so excited about all the school supplies and snacks. You can just feel the excitement. It seems like school starts earlier every year, but maybe the summers are just going by faster and faster.

Sara started preschool this fall at the Busy Bee Preschool. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Nicole. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30. It's perfect for us. She was a little nervous at first, but she is loving it. Here are a few pictures of her back to school:

The night before her first day, I gave her a pedicure and manicure.

She picked out her skirt and I found a shirt to match. She insisted on wearing a 'dress' for her first day, but she wasn't interested in posing for pictures because it was 'too bright outside'.

I can't believe Sara is in preschool. She will be 3 in October and is growing up so fast. I am so lucky to be her mom. We have so much fun together and she is just my 'treasure girl'. She tells me all the time I'm her friend and I love it. Lately she has been obsessed with watching Tangled, eating cherries, playing with her baby, talking like crazy, and asking a million questions. She's so smart and inquisitive. It's amazing what she is able to understand. I think preschool will be perfect for her and she will love it.

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Brian & Erin said...

So Cute! I love that you gave her a mani/pedi for preschool. :) You're a great mom!